You have probably done your due research on what impacts your house’s sale value. You know that a good neighbourhood, an elegant kitchen, a big pool, the colour of the house…wait! You did consider the colour of the house, didn’t you?

Your house’s colour and appeal are the first things that your prospects notice about it. Naturally, it affects their decision-making. People who paint their homes before selling tend to get the best prices. Therefore, make sure that you are picking the right colour that adds to the value of your house.

Beiges & Greys

When you are painting the exterior of your home, keep it simple. Go for light greys and beiges for your exteriors. Light colours blend in with the surroundings better and give a more open feel. So, if your house has a porch, a veranda, or any other outdoor area, it will feel more spacious with a light colour on the house.

Light colours are also a safe bet. The real estate market is extremely competitive. When you paint a house in a dark colour, you are alienating a large section of the buyers that do not like that colour. They take a glance at the exterior and decide that it is not for them. Alternatively, they might feel that it’s an additional expense to get the house repainted to suit their preferences after their purchase and quote you a much lower price. They are looking for a ‘normal’ house, and a dark blue, deep green or a shocking pink house is not going to fit the description.

Dark Colours

Dark colours work well on the front door of a house. You can choose anything from warm grey to navy blue to charcoal black, and it will add to the appeal of the home. The dark shades add a pop of colour, clearly demarcate the front door, and provide a nice contrast against the light exterior of the house. These factors make a great first impression on the buyers. They get fascinated and want to explore more. It is a simple home improvement project, but it can seriously add to the appeal of the house.

Light Blues & Slate Greys

These colours are the absolute favourites of most home-owners when it comes to their interiors. They have many reasons for liking these colours. These light shades go well with different colours of furniture. The light colours also help and make rooms look relatively bigger. Pick up any paint shop and ask them the colours that they sell the most. These colours will definitely be among their top sellers. Naturally, people look for these colours in the houses they want to buy too.

Are You Getting Ready for a Sale?

If you are in the process of prepping your house to put it on the market, make sure that you understand the paint choices you make. As an expert in the business, we have worked on a wide variety of projects to understand the psychology of colour. When we work on a house painting project, we advise our clients on the colours they should pick, especially if they are planning on selling it. It is incredible how simple colour choices can fetch thousands of dollars more for your house. 

So, choose wisely.